Weißburgunder, Cheddar and Serendipity

Those of you who know me well also know about my favored word in English: serendipity. Serendipity is way more than just coincidence, I’d rather call it unexpected happiness. It is also very much a state of mind – the more open you are, the more frequently it finds you. In the case of serendipitous wine and cheese pairings, I admit that a little experience does help, but considering how many options exist on both sides, I am still totally awed each time I am faced with a perfect couple.

Foto 1Alright ’nough said: I present you 2014 Weißburgunder S, a dry white wine from the Pinot Blanc grape from Rheinhessen. Weingut Eugen Schönhals has been making organic wines since 25 years and managed to package the prominent acidity that is typical for the (rather demanding) vintage in a totally enticing way. Rather than trying to hide it, it is almost prominently and very proudly displayed, carrying with it a subtle aroma of the freshest, softest white walnuts… It has a boldness that you usually only encounter in so-called natural wines. Foto 3Now try to imagine this faced with a very dense, almost heavy cheddar. Not the sophisticated discreetness of a Montgomery or Keen’s, but something much more straightforward – and yes, the two just fell in love with each other as acidity carried curds and curds embraced acidity. I had never encountered the cave aged Wookey Hole cheddar before, and this was the first time I tasted the Schönhals Weißburgunder: there is serendipity for you.

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