Atemwende and Mothertongue: let’s explore. Berlin, Saturday April 11, 2015

It might not always seem to be the case in HeinzelCheese country, but I assure you, even here life is more than cheese and wine… Therefore I’d love to see you at this event in Berlin, on Saturday April 11. I am honored to be in the company of all those awesome artists. And, just in case you wondered: there will be wine and cheese involved.

Atemwende / Breathturn

a nomadic journey – performance
Like Ishmael at the start of Moby Dick, we have felt the urge to take sail and get to the sea. But quite soon our reverie stumbled onto the contours of land: an obtrusive archipelago attracted us. And there commenced a nomadic journey through a rugged labyrinth of cultures that we encounter as we proceed.


Breathturn brings Ernesto Estrella (voice, guitar), Miako Klein (recorder, violin) and Antonis Anissegos (piano) into an exploration that interweaves language, sound, sense, and cultural traditions. Breath drives this journey, but breathing is not enough. A change, an interruption in the rhythm of breath is needed. As we approach the shore, or enter a new house, or look into a void that confronts us, or attend the glance that received us, an Atemwende is needed. We wake up to the smell of oranges. And we are shattered. For that smell does not bring the memory of the orange. But of the unrehearsed emotional constellation of the fingers that pressed the peel, the stains, the talks around those segments, the impossibility of sharing them, the dryness of the land, or the sound of the tree bark as the back leans on it and feels the branches, now lighter from its stolen fruit. This is the procedure of our journey. Among these constellations of the present we have learned our breath.

Atemwende degustationDegustation

Ursula Heinzelmann and Pepe Dayaw will accompany us in this voyage with a subtle degustation of wine and cheese that will bring us to dig into our own cultural depths and nuances. As we move and listen, we feel how much the tongue detects, how much the nose takes in, and how the links between taste and language, smell and memory, are reinvented.

April 11st, 2015

19:00 Atemwende / Breathturn a nomadic journey

exploratorium Berlin

Mehringdamm 55
10961 Berlin

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