The cheese of the month for January 2021 is: Urstromkaese cream cheese from Baruth in Brandenburg

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January – a new year, a fresh start… although that won’t happen overnight, as if by magic, with the change of a digit. But as usual (well, mostly ;) optimism and confidence reign high in the Heinzelcheese realm. And I do hope the same is true for all of you! As a role model and delicious guidance, I present you this month’s cheese. Fresh, simple and the result of a new beginning. In the fall of last year Yule Seifert (Belgian, engineer, huge heart for cheese) and Paul Thomas (British, dairy technologist, huge knowledge about cheesemaking) started their own production!

After Astrid „Stadtkäserin“ Zand had restarted cheesemaking at Rainer Schmitt’s farm in Baruth to process the gloriously rich milk of his Jersey herd, and then decided to move on, the couple restructured the small operation once again. Like Astrid they are draining the curds to make fresh cream cheese, but in contrast to her they use large moulds and leave them a bit longer, so that the result can be cut in thick slices.

While Astrid’s cheese made me think of a super luxury quark cloud, the new version of Urstromkaese (the couple’s trade name) is unsalted, with a more lively acidity, so that it tastes more refreshing, but also like the first step into making cheesecake… just add fruit, cookies, whatever. And it’s also the base of a steadily growing Urstromkaese family, all translating that landscape southwest of Berlin into cheese and bringing it to the city. This new project embodies pretty exactly the Markthalle Neun’s mission as such, and the reason why I am feeling so much at home there. And that’s reason to hope, and driving me to plough on, in spite of everything. Plenty of hope and drive, that’s what I wish you for this new year – thanks for being around!

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