Beyond Bratwurst at Omnivore Books in San Francisco: July 22, 2016

If I was American I’d use the word awesome – cos that’s how I felt! And honored and proud and grateful to take my Beyond Bratwurst book to that temple of food books on the west coast: Omnivore Books in San Francisco. And what an event it was: there’s nothing an author loves more than speak to a packed room…


We discussed German food history and and life in general and savored some American Riesling with Alpine cheese, expertly presented by Monger Zig and Kelley – thanks, my friends, for the cheese love.

Erica Peters, director of the Culinary Historians of Northern California, had been kind enough to announce the event to their members:


Delighted to report that Ursula Heinzelmann is coming in to speak to us shortly after presiding over this year’s Oxford Symposium. Perhaps she will share her favorite anecdotes from the conference.

Of course we never got round to that. But looking forward to possibly seeing you in Oxford next year… – meanwhile here is a little tasterDedicated carvers? Waiters on horseback? Vegan nuns? It's all in 'Beyond Bratwurst' - Los Angeles Times

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