Cheese and Wine @ Weinhandlung Suff in Berlin Jan 25, 2014

Good cheese is wonderful, good wine to go with it even better, and both of it for a whole long, relaxed evening amongst all the delicious bottles at Weinhandlung Suff in Kreuzberg’s Oranienstraße… not bad. So book soon, seats are limited. And don’t worry, the Suff people call this somewhat seriously (they get into those funny moods sometimes, but they don’t last long) „Seminar“ – I promise that you“ll not only learn a lot, but also spend a tasty evening full of fun.

WeihnachtsstiltonOn the cheese side, Fritz Blomeyer, new star amongst Berlin’s cheese providers,  will make sure we’ll get only the best stuff. Do I really need to point out that the whole thing makes a brillant Xmas gift?

Saturday Jan 25, 2014 8pm, 36€ per person
Weinladen Suff
Oranienstraße 200, 10999 Berlin-Kreuzberg
Tel 030.6142148 –

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