Six bottles: Bubbles!

As promised for this year, I’ve been drinking… and I’d like to share these with you: Six very different bubbly bottles from France, which some would call natural whereas I’m inclined to use the word delicious. I ordered them from Mr Vins Vivants Alex Zülch who gets my thumbs up for his selections!

Popsec and CômePopsec 2013, a Chenin Blanc petnat from the Loire: much more serious in quality and fine tannin driven taste than the label would suggest; from the mini Domaine Bertin-Delatte, founded by two young, new vignerons – where are those oysters?!!

Cosmobulle 2014, a pink petnat made from Cabernet Franc and Grolleau noir saignée by Côme Isambert in Saumur/Loire: non-dosé and with a little hint of residual sweetness, this is a ton of delicious fruit in the glass that makes you think of a long pique-nique à deux, on a sunny afternoon by the river…

Belluard bubbles

Domaine Belluard is situated on the northwest side of the Mont Blanc, in Savoie (Ayse to be more exact), and specializing in the local (white) variety Gringet. Both these bubblies are made using the methode traditionelle used in Champagne. The 2012 Perles stays on the lees for 24 months and has the perfect balance in body (light), aroma (super fresh) and acidity/sweetness (dry but not austere) –  so far, this has to be my coup de coeur for 2016! The 2012 Brut Zéro stays another year on the bottle before being disgorged and needs more of an intellectual effort – or perhaps higher temperatures outside for the acidity and the delicate pear aroma to find its way into my heart and soul…

Rocherie and Strohmeier

Vouvray Brut, Chenin Blanc and Méthode Traditionelle, from Sébastien Brunet in Chançay/Loire: super elegant, again dry but not austere, with a little more meat on the bones than a comparable wine from Champagne would have at 11,5%. Perfect for any aperitif and reception – anytime, really.

Strohmeier Rosé Sekt made from Blauer Wildbacher (yes, the stuff they’re making Schilcher from, a truly ancient variety some folks think is related to the medieval Heunisch) in western Styria/Austria: dark orange pink and lots of stuff in the glass, which should be large!! Comes with a lot of philosophy as well, the neck label mentions good old Goethe and Rudolf Steiner. Would be as happy with air-cured meat as with lactic, mature goat cheese…

Cheerio, mes amis!

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6 Vins-Vivants bubbles

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