Spring drink: pink!

Is it about the birds singing me cheerfully into the day now every morning, or about the still low rising sun I then greet on my run? The giddiness of the people on the street, drunken with light and mild air? The promise of evenings outdoors after the winter? Probably all at once – and we didn’t even have a really hard winter this year, here in Berlin; I’m told snow flakes are still flurrying on the northern end of the American east coast. So no matter if you feel like celebrating the end of it or need to cheer yourself up due to the perseverance of winter: drink pink!

Pink3As regular readers might be aware of I’m a bubbles girl and the bottle of gloriously pink Crémant de Bourgogne friends brought along for my birthday party went down (literally) extremely well. The producer was unfamiliar to me, but from now on I’ll definitely be on the lookout for the wines from Pierre d’Heilly et Martine Huberdeau. Theirs are 5,5 hectares in Burgundy between Dijon and Mâcon which they are cultivating organically. Pink1The Rosé Brut is full of red berry fruit, balanced with spring step acidity and a little spice – extremely well suited to the current giddiness. Thanks Ben and Amanda!

However even a self-confessed bubbles girl can only take that much effervescence. Therefore pink wine is needed, like this Rosé from Frank and Manuela Meyer in Klingenmünster/Pfalz: here a hint of tannin perfectly balances the wealth of fruit. Don’t be scared off by the word feinherb, off-dry on the label – I’m not only a bubbles girl but also a trocken drinker most of the time, and still: I had to be really strict with myself not to empty this bottle on my own last night… spring it is. A note of consolation to all those still stuck with snow: this winter will end, eventually.

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