April 28 & 29, 2014: Meet me at the Bedford Cheese Shop in NYC!

I’m happy, proud and so excited to announce that I’ll be hosting two classes (yes, two!) at the glorious Bedford Cheese Shop of Brooklyn fame in New York on April 28 and 29. They run from 6.30 till 8.30pm and represent the culminating point of a row of talks, tastings and events that month. It’s all to celebrate my new book, a history of food in Germany (which you can pre-order – go get!!!), and I’m looking forward to meeting as many potential readers (and cheese aficionados) as possible.

What better way could there be than tasting and discussing German cheese and Riesling? I’ll bring along some of the finest Bergkäse we have in the Allgäu, the traditional mountain cheese region in Bavaria, courtesy of the great folks at Kaeskuche, and you can be ask me anything – I’ll try to answer it all. As you cheese lovers know, cheese is about so much more than just an edible commodity made by concentrating a perishable foodstuff called milk… so let’s learn about the present, the past, possibly even the future of cheese and food life in Germany. You can buy tickets here.

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