Cheese places: La Fromagerie, London/UK

The world of fine cheese is a universe in itself, one of the many food-defined layers that stretch around the globe. It has its own bright stars which serve as guidance to all the other twinklers, simply because they glow with a different kind of energy, passion and experience. One of the most important for cheese is in London, cheese simply wouldn’t be the same without La Fromagerie in Marylebone and the woman behind it: Patricia Michelson.

PMtasting2 The cosy premises are full of surprises and goodness: you can breakfast, lunch and snack here, buy excellent vegetable and fruit, all kinds of sweet and savory spreads, first-class bread (French and German!), choose from a truly intriguing selection of fine wine, acquire almost anything you might need sitting down at a dining table – AND BUY CHEESE. Supergood, tempting, perfectly cared for cheese. In a professionally darkish, fully climatized walk-in chamber with row upon row of small and large beauties that bear witness of first grade connections and expertise. Patricia Michelson came to cheese some twenty-odd years ago by accident (I said it before and I say it again: my favored word in English is serendipity), while skiing in the French Alps and mistakenly ordering a whole wheel of Beaufort instead of a couple of pounds, to take home.


Well, being British, she was a little too embarrassed to explain it all to the good man with his cheese load, and thus returned to England with rather too much cheese to consume with family and friends. Out of this was born: La Fromagerie. And a woman who radiates cheese energy, so to say, and can wax lyrically about the different shades of green of pastures from Ireland to Bavaria. Before her current vocation she used to work in the theatre world, and in fact, La Fromagerie feels like a very successful production, an ever so carefully composed stage for the fascinating play called cheese, in all its sparkling, shiny, glowing forms.

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