Meet me at Formaggio Kitchen in Cambridge MA – a class on German cheese and Riesling June 4, 2015

Formaggio means cheese in Italian, but it also stands for one of the most tempting places I can think of on the Northern American east coast. Ihsan Gurdal over the years has created a little paradise for any food loving person – and how he manages to keep it all running so well, I have no idea! The cheese selection is awesome – and I am more than honored to run an evening class on German cheeses and dry Riesling at the original location in Cambridge on June 4.

Cheese-Counter-sm-203x270To give you an idea: I’ve just been treated to getting provisions for dinner by my dear friends I’m staying with in Cambridge. which included choosing the wines. To my delight I discovered not only an Austrian rosé from Schloß Gobelsburg, but also the quite rare Paolo de Marchi’s (yes him of Isole e Olena in Tuscany) Villa Sperino Uvaggio from northern Piemont – what a joy, and totally typical of Formaggio. But I digress (that how things happen in paradise…). For the class I’ll bring along (courtesy of Kaeskuche Ltd) six German mountain cheeses even Formaggio does not stock.

Tripp, who is in charge of the Formaggio cheese counter, will throw in the gorgeous Chiriboga Blue which they call Bayerischer around here – and we will explore and discuss all that in combination with a range of totally great, mineral, terroir-driven dry Riesling wines, all of them dry, from various regions of Germany. I promise some new insights, and a lot of fun. You can book your seat at the table here – looking forward to see you!

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